Yoon Eun Joo’s Profile


Full name : Yoon Eun Joo

Nickname : Eunjoo

Place and DoB : Seoul, March 13, 1989

Nationality : Korean

Family : Father (Yoon Dong Nam), Mother (Jung Pil Seo) and Older Brother (Yoon Hyun Woo)

Blood Type : O

Height : 167 cm

Weight : 50 kg

Favorite Thing : Fish




  • Eunjoo is the second owner of CDs and books rental store, Ribbon.
  • Her brother was the founder and gave it to her after he passed away in an accident.
  • She used to be listening to rock music, clubbing, messing with her life and then finally she buried in the deep zombieness-look life.
  • She is being lovers with Oh Sehun.
  • Kim Jongin is her ex-boyfriend and she has a bad contact with him after their closure in the past.
  • She has a best friend named Park Yoo Mi and she really helps Eunjoo in her worst lifetime.


Covered by Ulzzang Park Seul


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