Shin Eun Hee’s Profile


Full Name : Shin Eun Hee (신은희)

Hanja : 辛銀姬

Nickname : Eunhee, Eunroro, Eunbo, Eunbee

Place, DOB : Tokyo, 13th August 1996

Nationality : Korean

Parents : Shin Donghwa (father) & Lee Hyemi (mother)

Siblings : One older brother, Shin Gwangchul

Blood Type : AB

Height / Weight : 170 cm / 53 kg

Hobbies : Cooking, eating, reading novel or fanfiction, browsing, others ―except studying.

Things I Hates : Apple, Calcullus, Gwangchul’s nagging

Dreams  : Cooking with 2AM Changmin, Travel around the world just to taste all varian food

Speciality : English, a little bit Japanesse, Cooking pasta or pastry

Education : Korea Kent Foreign School, Guui-dong, Gwangjin-gu, Seoul

Twitter : @EunheeShin13

Fun Facts :

  • Eunhee lives alone in Seoul. Her parents live in Italy while her brother continue his study in Japan.
  • Right now, her father is one of Korean diplomatic corps for Italy, while her mother is a well known pastry chef and open some bakery in there. Her other families live in Busan.
  • Eunhee has an old brother, Shin Gwangchul.
  • Eunhee likes cat a lot. But her mom always denies her wish to take care one.
  • Eunhee likes pororo so much. Her message alert is pororo theme song. Once Gwangchul changed it, Eunhee mad at him.
  • Eunhee can’t sleep with lights off. She always turn on her pororo lantern, gave by her cousin ―Hawon.
  • Eunhee has oyster allergic. She also can’t eat apple or see someone cuts apple. Her teeth hurt her.
  • Eunhee just knows Twitter recently. Gwangchul laughs at her internet knowledge.
  • Eunhee thinks that she doesn’t have any bestfriend (beside Mi Ri and Seungwoo). It because of her trauma about her past friendship. But it doesn’t mean she’s not wanting to be a friend with anyone. She’s just afraid.
  • Eunhee likes listening to music, especially ballad. She likes 2AM. Her favorite song is This Song (2AM debut song). She said that Jinwoon is her ideal type.
  • Eunhee can cook something delicious. She likes cooking homemade food & pastry. She likes pasta so much.
  • When the first time she met Chen at cafe near SM building. She thought that Chen is a cafe part time worker. She asked Chen to wipe the table for her and order really spicy ddukbokki. She told him to not to take a long time cause she’s so hungry and not in the good mood. Chen just laugh and ordered for her ―even pay the bill. Next day, Eunhee just known EXO by her classmates and saw Chen picture as lead vocal EXO-M. She feel so embrassed.
  • She dates with Chen after Chen asked her before EXO goes to Hongkong for MAMA 2012. Chen told about his real feeling at EXO dormitory balcon and she accepted it. Other EXO members recorded that moment.
  • Chen gave a nickname ‘Eunbee’ only for her. Eunbee stands for Eunhee Bee. Because once he saw Eunhee with bee hoodie, she looks so cute.
  • Gwangchul doesn’t know that her deongsaeng has a special relationship with rookie idol like Chen. He just know that his beloved sister loves EXO and her bias is Kris.
  • Chanyeol said Eunhee looks so scary when cooking. Her gaze is different. Don’t try to approach her when she hold knife. Just don’t!
  • Eunhee is really close with B2ST Junhyung and Supreme Team Simon D. Since both of them is close with Gwangchul too.
  • Eunhee favorite TV show is Running Man. She likes Gary and really admire Commander Jongkook. She hopes she can join Running Man and beat easy brother.
  • Eunhee thinks that Chanyeol is Lee Gwangsoo’s twin. He called Chanyeol as Park Girin.
  • After watching Jinwoon-Seulong as Guest Host on WGM, Eunhee imagined she join WGM with Jinwoon and called WonHee Couple. Gwangchul knows it and thinks that her sister is stupid crazy girl.
  • Chen doesn’t like Eunhee sleep at late night (around 2-3pm). Chen always texts her and ask her to sleep. Chen doesn’t stop to text her until he believes that Eunhee is really sleeping.
  • Eunhee said that she’s not tomboy, but not feminine yet.
  • Eunhee is currently crazy with B.A.P. He loves Bang Yongguk, even has shishimato doll.
  • In EXO, Eunhee is close with Minseok and Baekhyun.
  • Once she said she picks Chen as her biased in EXO. Chen smile widely after hearing that. But next day she saw Kris photo updates on forum, she gave up and told Kris is her biased, no matter what.
  • Minseok said that everytime Chen along with Eunhee, He looks more gentle. But everytime Eunhee along with Chen, She looks more childish

Covered by Kim Seoji


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