Shim Na Yong’s Profile


Full name : Shim Na Yong
Nickname : Yonggu – Nayong and nongu (basketball), Yongie, Yonggasu – Nayong and gasu (singer).
Place and DoB : Chungnam, February 13, 1993
Nationality : Korean
Family : Father (Shim Jin Sung), Mother (Lee Mi Hwa) and Younger Brother (Shim Na Ru)
Blood Type : O
Height : 162 cm
Weight : 50.5 kg
Hobbies : Doing Sport, Singing, Acting, a bit Fangirling, Snacking, Chatting, Watching Sport TV Program
Specialities : Basketball, a bit speak English, fluent in Japanese, Singing, Acting
Education : Woosong High School (Graduated), Seoul National University charge in Fine Art

Social Media : @yongshots

Colors : Red and Black
Foods : Cheesecake, Sandwich
Drink : Vanilla Milk
Fruit : Apple
Number : 13
Football Team : Liverpool
Band, Singer : Linkin Park, Taylor Swift
Fashion : Glasses, Backpack, Sneakers


• Nayong is a basketball player since SHS.
• She likes to play basketball but she more interest watching football program than basketball program in TV.
• Her favorit football team is Liverpool, loves Steven Gerrard so hard.
• She admires Linkin Park and Taylor Swift.
• Her brother, Naru, is such a bad boy, she never has a good relationship with him.
• Nayong loves singing and acting. Her dream is to be a singer and an actress.
• Hates spicy foods and chocolate. She can’t eat meats.
• She has a childhood amnesia.
• Has a best friend named Yan Li Na, a Chinese.
• Nayong can’t do cooking and don’t want to be able in cooking.
• She looks so strong, actually she is very fragile and mawkish.
• She is a fan of Zhang Yixing and finally she becomes a lover of Zhang Yixing.
• Zhang Yixing is Nayong’s another passion of dreams.

Covered by Ulzzhang Lee Yeon Ju


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