Park Ji Young’s Profile

byun ji young (6)

Birth Name      : Park Ji Young (박지영) @meiliji95

Nickname         : Ji Young, Meiji ( made by Tao means meili Ji or beautiful Ji), KangJi (made by family)

Thai Name        : Baymong wanjun (บ่ายโมง วันจันทร์)

Place and DoB: Pattaya, 18th  October 1995

Family                : Park Jong Goo (Father), Tiangwan Bay (Mother), Park Il Soo (Older Brother)

Height /              : 167 cm / 47 kg


Blood Type     : AB (AB Style with Tao)

Hobbies            : Hangout with her friend, Dancing, listening to music, and so on.

byun ji young (19)

byun ji young (2)

Fun Facts        :

  • KangJi is a nickname from her family, Kang (Kangkeng) means pants, it because she loves to wearing pants all the time especially jeans
  • Her mother is Thai, and now she stayed in Korea only with her brother, her parent are an bussinesman in Thailand
  • Park Il Soo worked at SM Intertainment as a choreographer
  • Park Il Soo is 10 years older than her, cause Il Soo love her very much.
  • Ji Young never call Il Soo ‘oppa’ cause she always say ‘we are friend not sibling’ to all people, and Il Soo will answer ‘yes, she is my best friend’
  • She love broken white color and she paint a whole bedroom with broken white color
  • She never watching TV, caused by she loves reading comic on her free time
  • Ji Young is talk active girl, with a bright smile, and uncontrolled laugh.
  • Ji Young collected a lot of sunglasses
  • Ji Young has two golden fish, named Mosya and Syaloo, that weird name given by Park Il Soo girlfriend and Ji Young love it
  • Since Ji Young is humorous and a bright girl she has many friend
  • When Ji Young feel sad, she will crying in silent, she don’t want anybody knows and she just pretend that everything alright
  • Ji Young ever said that she want to be Kris’s younger sister, because Kris behavior same like Il Soo
  • Ji Young don’t like to go shopping no matter what, but she will spend much money to buy jeans and sunglasses.
  • She looks like a girl with a strong heart, but Tao knows that she is not as strong as other people see.
  • Ji Young looks so elegant and mature in front of Il Soo, but looks like a baby in front of Tao
  • Tao looks very cool on Jiyoung, but  actually Tao loves Ji Young very much

Covered by Ulzzang Byun Ji Young


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